In my last blog post, I shared some scary statistics. I think its so easy for us to live in our secluded bubble and turn a blind eye to what is actually happening around us. 

As a teacher, I get a knot in my stomach when I think about what our future generations may be facing if we don’t make a change NOW! I can only imagine how parents and guardians of young ones must be feeling. 

The good news is this- Small changes, when done collectively, can make a huge difference!

If we ALL can commit to making small and sustainable changes (aka changes that can be maintained over a long period of time), we WILL see a difference BUT…

We need to get involved, we need to encourage our loved ones to get involved,  

in fact, we need to encourage strangers to get involved!

Spending a portion of my Sunday making a planet friendly pizza was nothing short of magical. 

I had never made my own pizza dough before and watching the yeast rise and then kneading the dough and waiting for the dough to rise was INCREDIBLE! If you have kids, I strongly encourage you do this with them. They will LOVE it!!!

Followed by making my own tomato paste/sauce with the help of Knorr’s tomato base dry cook in sauce and a few herbs and spices was also super exciting (I actually made extra to keep in the fridge). 

Then being able to grab some veggies, slicing them up, spicing them up (again thanks to another Knorr beauty- Their veggie spice) and add those delicious (and nutritious) veggies to the top of my pizza was the best!!!

I couldn’t believe how quickly that pizza was demolished!!!! Fully plant based and I found that I was left feeling lighter and not nearly as bloated and lethargic.  

If you get anything from the blog post, I want it to be this…Eating your veggies and eating foods that are good for you DOES NOT have to be boring!!!! Anything but!!! There are SO many incredible ways that you can change your vegetables up that will honestly have the family coming back for seconds.

Head on over to the ‘What’s for dinner’ website and you’ll find recipes for days! 

Never forget- Together anything is possible!!!! Let’s join forces and make a difference! Our future generations depend on it! 



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