Yesterday we celebrated the second World Eat for Good day and being a part of this exciting initiative and journey, without sounding too cheesy, is a dream come true. 

If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I am a huge Knorr fan and have been since I was a little girl. 

Finding out that Knorr are wanting to make a difference in the world is INCREDIBLE! 

Firstly- What is World Eat for Good day actually all about? 

Well, to put it simply, it’s a movement that has been created to inspire us to eat food that is not only better for us BUT better for the planet! It occurs in 40 countries around the world and our beautiful country, South Africa, is one of them. 

Trying to encourage others to understand the importance of needing to eat more good foods that have been grown in a good way, in order to improve healthy eating habits and to help the planet is quite a daunting task to be honest which is why I hope to see more and more people hopping on board…

Studies have shown that by the year 2050 (Not even 30 years away) the world population is predicted to increase to almost TEN BILLION people! The planet now needs to be able to feed the population on finite resources.

This ultimately means that we will need to transform the way we eat, the way we farm and the way we fish. Globally we actually rely on a very small range of foods, I.e. rice, maize and wheat. Obviously this negatively affects us, as humans, as well as the planet that we call our home. 

I’ve got another scary statistic for you: 75 % of the global food supply comes from only 12 plants and five animal species…What happens if we continue to see a shortage in those plants and animals? I’m sure we can all guess what is going to happen…

Studies have also shown that people seem to eat the same foods over and over again, aka dietary monotony, instead of changing things up. I suppose we are creatures of habit but TOGETHER, we need to work towards changing that!!!

While this is a daunting task, we all know the saying, team work makes the dream work, so if we work TOGETHER we CAN and WILL make a difference!!!

How? Well, it’s quite simple really…

Rome wasn’t built in a day so we are hoping that the more people that start to take part in this by making SMALL and sustainable changes, the bigger the difference will be seen altogether. 

We can start by making a difference by changing what is on our plates and including more of the Future 50 foods…

This means including more veggies that are often overlooked and unappreciated. Not only will this encourage diversity to your meals BUT it will also help to support local farmers and communities. 

Here is an idea of what the Future 50 food list looks like:

So our challenge to YOU is to change what is on your plate and more specifically what is on your pizza…Yes, you read correctly!!! Pizza!!! A veggie packed pizza that is good for YOU and the environment!

Keep your eyes peeled as I share the recipe and how you can make your own ‘Plizza’ at home. Alternatively you will be able to find incredible recipes on the Knorr ‘What’s for dinner’ website.

Eating pizza that is good for us AND the environment doesn’t sound too challenging, does it?!

There are SO many awesome ways to include the incredible Future 50 foods into your meals that you will be sorry you didn’t start sooner. 

I’m so excited to be able to share a few of my creations and to see a few of yours. 


Here is a link to show you a bit more about the Future 50 foods that you can start to include in your diets (and if you watch this space, you have my word that the creations you can make from these foods are anything but boring)

I hope to see more and more of you on this exciting journey together with Knorr. 



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