At the beginning of the year, the Bodygoals team contacted me to find out if I would be keen to give their program a try…

Now, yes…I am a qualified personal trainer and yes…I create diet plans BUT sometimes coaches need coaches and I honestly felt like I did. 

I love creating plans and training programs for others but struggle to for myself. While I haven’t launched the training side of what I offer as yet, it’s something in the pipeline. 

Anyway, I digress…

Bodygoals is incredible!!! I really enjoyed the program. I found it easy to follow snd I think it’s great for beginners or those starting out on their fitness journey. 

I was able to train at home, in the afternoons, for most of the workouts which is something that I LOVED! The movements were simple but challenging, something I didn’t expect, especially since I am currently training at a CrossFit gym in the morning. 

I feel as if I have been able to focus on areas of my body that I had been neglecting which was awesome. The training plan is somewhat a generic one, although you do fill in a quiz and based on your answers, a diet and training plan is then given to you. What I thought was amazing was that, despite not being 100 % individualized, it works your full body and you can push yourself week to week (so that’s on you). I also feel that it’s an awesome step in the door if someone is starting out on their fitness journey or wanting to start creating healthy habits. 

I think most people tend to fail when they go balls to the wall, head to the gym for brutal workouts 7 days of the week, drastically reduce calories, eating only bland ‘bro diet’ foods. They create an unsustainable relationship with fitness and nutrition. 

It’s SO much better to find a training program that can fit into your current lifestyle, not the other way around…You having to fit your lifestyle into a training program. 

The nutrition side was where I had the most fun. Obviously nutrition is my thing. I love creating healthy treats and healthy meals. 

The diet plan I chose was a generic one but was based on a certain amount of calories. I was,however, able to use the ingredients given and create different recipes. The meals were super tasty and incredibly high in nutrients. Again, another awesome introduction to healthy eating and to calories for that matter. 

I felt like I learnt SO much from following this program and I am so excited that I did so. 

4 weeks is also just long enough to create some healthy habits that can then be taken with you into the rest of your years. 

If you are looking at starting out your fitness journey or just need some help with creating a sustainable lifestyle, then I honestly feel like what Bodygoals has to offer will be perfect for you!!!



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