“Life in lockdown”

We have successfully made it through how many weeks of lock down? To be very honest, I gave up counting long ago.
The first 21 days weren’t too bad. We had a finish line. Something to work towards.
It was during this time that I decided to start baking everyday. Sheldon and I shared workouts and were motivated to train ourselves. We experimented cooking different things every evening. We got hooked on shows like ‘Love is blind’ and ‘Tiger king’. We played games via Zoom with friends and family. I had a house party call with my closest friends every other day. I found myself rambling away on Instagram daily as well and I managed to read a few books during that time. All in all, life was manageable…

Then the lockdown was extended…
I don’t think I need to elaborate much on that LOL. From that point, I’ll be very honest, I have probably had more bad days than good…But what I’ve come to realize that it’s okay not to be okay…

Online school started shortly after which has definitely been challenging. In saying that though, I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and am really enjoying waking up every day with purpose.
Instagram turned to a place to escape as more and more ladies were opening up about how they too were struggling. To be very honest, I’ve seen a very different side to Instagram throughout this lockdown.
Initially all you saw were people sharing workouts (which were all amazing and very inspiring) but no one seemed to be chatting about not feeling up to do another at home workout. I seriously thought something was wrong with me….And then quotes like this started doing the rounds…

NOOOOOO!!! 100 % NO!!!! Seeing this quote seriously annoyed me because feeling pressurized to make the most of this horrible situation is utter BS!

Slowly but surely I ended up speaking about the days that I had been struggling and this result in so many other amazing ladies telling me that they were feeling the same.
Around about this time, the at home workouts being shared weren’t as appealing anymore and the novelty seemed to have somewhat worn off…
But what I’ve come to realize through, the wise words said to me by of so many of my followers is that it’s okay…It’s normal…And even though we are all in this together, we are all facing different challenges. For the first time in what feels like years, I have found Instagram to be very positive!

Giveaways and women wanting to connect have become a trend…I have virtually met and connected with so many ladies and if you haven’t been able to do so, let me know because if you are going through a tough time, I can guarantee that there are others who are also battling and reaching out to them can be life changing and an instant pick me up. I honestly doubt I would have ‘met’ as many people had it not been for this pandemic and for the fact that we were all trying our best to cope with the same thing.

Things have definitely improved since we moved to level 4. Since going down a level and being able to walk around outside, have you noticed the wildlife and the increase in butterflies, birds and monkeys?
Have you looked at the sky while walking around and noticed how clear the sky’s are?
I have walked and explored more of my neighborhood than I ever would have done prior to this!!! I mean, how many of you would have called up a friend and said ‘Hey, do you want to meet up and walk in and out of every road in our area for 3 hours?’ Not many of us hahaha.

I have also started talking on the phone!!! Yes!!! Jo! The girl who watches her phone ring has been taking calls…What??!! And zoom and house party are one of my favourite past times. Something that caused me major anxiety is now a thing of the past…kinda…
So to summarize- While things are far from ideal and I wish with all my heart that I had some wise words to share with you all today to get us through the next few weeks…All I can say is this…
Even though I may not know you, or may not have met you, I am honestly just a message away…You aren’t alone even though you may feel like it!!!

Someone that I met during the lockdown and that is on my ‘Pro’ lockdown list (yes I have a list) is Biddy. She owns a gorgeous online athleisure store. She has said that together we can do a giveaway that will be going live soon! I am beyond excited!!!! And am so grateful that despite being stuck at home, I made a friend and that together we can hopefully make someone’s day a little brighter.

Women supporting women…even in lockdown. Don’t you love it? If you are reading this, please know that you are one of those women and that I love and care for you so very much!!!
Stay tuned to my Instagram to find out more about our exciting giveaway!!!

‘My name is Biddy Chandler, I am 33 years old and recently got engaged. I studied at Rhodes University for 6 years, lived in London, America, Spain and travelled to over 15 different counties. I have moved back to my home town and found my ‘sweet spot’.

B. moved began when searching for good quality, functional, comfortable and vibrant activewear became tricky in my small town. I started working with one brand and generated such incredible feedback. I now stock a wide range of items for you to choose from. I want to create a ‘one stop shop’ for all your active spoils and needs! From athleisure to home workout equipment and stylish active accessories, I got you covered! I love adding that personal touch to customer service and ensuring that every client is happy with their order from me.

B.moved focuses on sourcing and selecting the most beautiful athleisure/activewear in a variety of styles and prints with exclusivity, comfort and versatility in mind! You can train, travel, chill and dress it up! We also have fitness equipment and accessories to offer you. Everything I sell has been tried and tested, and I can assure you that each pair of leggings passes the ‘squat proof test’ and they do not fall down during various training routines 🙂

B.moved’s ultimate goal is to motivate and inspire people to keep active in comfort and style! Motivate them to make small changes and take their next best step in becoming better than they were yesterday! Being active and having healthy eating habits should be a lifestyle and not a ‘quick fix’ strategy.

From my own experience when I start my day with a good run or HIT workout it sets the tone for the rest of the day to be mindful of what I put into my body. There is no doubt that I love my sweet treats and have cheat days but focus on maintaining and managing what works best for you!’



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