“In love with ‘Loved by Nature’”

It’s not very often that I find a company that really speaks to my heart…This company does exactly that!!!

Now I know that I am not the number 1 eco warrior out there…I will be honest from the get go…Sometimes I forget my reusable bags and end up having to buy plastic bags…I hate paper straws and would rather go without than have to use one…I often don’t have the energy to separate my rubbish BUT (and there is a but) I AM TRYING!!!

I use a bamboo toothbrush, I have a few reusable straws and I have stunning reusable bags that I try my best to take with me to the shops. I have started paying more attention to the products that I use on my skin and on my nails as well…I have also bought hair products that are environmentally friendly and I have been double checking that the make up I use is cruelty free. I don’t always get it right, but I am trying…

Woobamboo toothbrushes are the BEST!!! I find that they last a lot longer than normal toothbrushes too!

I was recently at Mama Magic, the baby expo, in Durbs where I was able to see the stunning Emily from Loved by Nature in action.

She is so passionate about the environment and helping to save it that you can’t help but want to get involved after listening to her speak. She shared this Jane Goodall quote with me:

This quote seriously hit home and I realized that I need to make a concerted effort and perhaps, try a little harder…Just like I am being honest in this blog post, and I am always honest on social media, I was honest with Emily…I told her that I don’t always get it right…I told her that I still have plastic at home and that I don’t always recycle what I am throwing away…and she didn’t judge, she didn’t tell me that I wasn’t doing enough, instead she applauded me for my efforts and reminded me that every bit counts.

Loved by Nature is passionate about educating others to make small changes that are EASY to DO…They know that its not going to be practical to have a house made out of bamboo, hemp and solar powered lights…But picking up a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic toothbrush, or using silk instead of dental floss, is going to be doable and together, we will be able to make a difference.

I have spoken a lot about my bamboo clothing that I received from Boody wear and honestly, all you have to do is touch an item of bamboo clothing and you will fall in love. You can buy the Boodywear range from their online store and PLEASE…You have to!!! The baby grows also make awesome baby shower gifts #justsaying

Loved by Nature stocks hair products and nail varnishes that you could honestly eat if you wanted to!!! These were a huge hit at the Mama Magic expo…The glitter hairspray by ‘Rock the locks’ that is completely natural and full of essential oils is INCREDIBLE!!! If you have a daughter…She needs some!!! The ‘Piggy paint’ and ‘SOPHi’ nail varnishes and products are 100 % natural, chemical and acetone free…You don’t really think about the chemicals that are in the nail varnishes that we are wearing all the time, do you? Well I never did…Those are also available on the Loved by Nature online store…

One of my favourite products that you can purchase through them is the Pure Payaya skin food…I literally put it on EVERYTHING!!! My dad used to send us Paw paw ointment from Australia but we I wasn’t able to find anything like it here in SA…well, now I have…I have eczema and was told to take a steroid cream as that would be the only way to help it BUT I haven’t had to since using this ointment every morning and night so THANK YOU for finally coming to SA!!!

I want to end by saying THANK YOU to this awesome company for understanding that most of us are normal people and may not be able to go ‘all in’ when it comes to changing our ways…It’s going to take time, BUT with you guys around supplying these amazing alternatives (and sharing awesome tips with us) it sure as anything is going to be a lot easier…

Their social media handles are:

Facebook- Loved By Nature SA

Instagram- @lovedbynature_sa




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