“‘And in the morning, we’re making waffles!’”

If you follow me on Instagram (joannajayne03 or pullupsandpeanutbutter), you would notice (from my stories) that I eat A LOT OF waffles…
In fact breakfast food is probably my favourite type of food to eat…

The other night I decided to have waffles
(and avocado chocolate mousse and a caring candie- but who’s counting)
for dessert. I was very proud of my healthy dessert stack, especially since everything I was eating was low calorie, yet nutritious. I posted a boomerang of my little stack and 10 minutes later I had half a dozen people messaging me asking for the recipe for my waffles…

I have shared the recipe so many times with my friends, that I think I honestly thought I had made a proper post about it. Seemingly not, but check the website, and you will find the recipe for my ‘Every day waffles’.

This got me thinking about breakfast food. I love coming up with something the night before, going to bed and knowing that when I wake up I have something delicious to look forward to.

Everyone has heard of the saying, ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ and for a large part, I think that it’s true. Studies have been done that suggest that eating breakfast not only gives you energy, it puts you in a better mood, and also jumpstarts your metabolism. I have literally tried everything…from intermittent fasting so I could save calories to eat later on in the day, to having a low carb breakfast to having a hearty breakfast, which I what I do today. However, I feel this should be based on your own personal preference. I found that eating breakfast makes me a nicer person. Hanger is very much a real thing, and trust me when I say this…Hangry Jo isn’t so nice!!!

My typical ‘lazy Jo’ breakfast…a smoothie bowl made from protein powder, blended with ice, frozen banana and frozen pumpkin, and topped with sugar free hot chocolate, sugar free syrup, strawberries, peanut butter and coconut flakes…YUM!!!


I like to eat something high in protein and high in carbs, with a small portion of healthy fats. The healthy fats will help to slow down the digestion of the food, which will in turn help to keep me fuller for longer. I train every morning, so I obviously want to have something high in protein to help with muscle recovery and to help build lean muscle, but even if you don’t train…I would recommend that you try your best to pick something high in protein.

Another breakfast favourite would be a jar full of overnight oats…Nothing beats it!!! Recipe can be found under the breakfast tab.

Protein, when paired with healthy fats, again, will help you to feel fuller for longer. You will also be less likely to bat an eyelid when Barbara trapes through the office with a big box of digestive biscuits to dunk into her tea at 9 am. Lastly, I also choose to eat something with carbohydrates, as this is where I will be getting my energy that is needed to help me get through the day. Again, this is all personal preference.

As I have tried to get across in this message…Not everyone is the same. There is no hard and fast rule that everyone must follow. Some of you may not have an appetite first thing in the morning, others may be following a ketogenic or a banting diet, and some of you might be strap for time in the mornings which makes eating something the last thing on your mind. Have a look at some of the breakfast recipes I have on my website. Hopefully, there is a recipe perfectly suited to you…no matter  what your breakfast preference may be.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, or you would really like a healthy alternative to something…let me know 😊

Yours in peanut butter


- 'And in the morning, we're making waffles'


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