“Meal Prepping 101”

It’s the middle of 2019 already and as a teacher, this time of year is quite a hectic one…Why? REPORT TIME…That’s why! I don’t have a class…I see kids from each grade so I end up having a lot more reports to write. Strangely enough, I quite like writing reports, and getting to reflect on the progress a child has made is definitely very special!
I think in all jobs are demanding though and all have challenges and obstacles that need to be overcome.
Taking time to exercise or to prep meals may seem impossible…trust me, I know this feeling!!! It can be overwhelming!!
BUT moving your body is YOUR time!!! Time that you are spending giving back to yourself. The many health benefits such as extra oxygen to the brain is honestly just the cherry on top…
Meal prepping or spending time planning what I’m going to eat a week in advance may seem like a mission but it not only helps me to stay on track, it saves me copious amounts of time in the week AND a hell of a lot of money (more money for clothes or treats hahaha)
I honestly spend an hour or 2 on a Sunday (and half an hour on a Wednesday) and Sheldon and I are sorted for the week!!! That’s lunches, the protein for our dinners and all of our treats done for the ENTIRE week!!!
I’ve been getting tons of messages asking for tips and advice and I know that what I do may not be applicable to you- Obviously everyone is different BUT if you have a specific need, please let me know and I’ll see how I can help and what ideas I have to offer…

Let’s start with discussing my weekly shop 🛒 I prefer to buy things in bulk (it’s a lot cheaper) and saves a lot of time as you aren’t having to pop to the shops every other day…You also avoid temptation that way…

What I do is:

  1. I buy my protein in bulk…it’s also a lot cheaper!!! I generally buy boxed hake and then the bulk packs of chicken breasts. I also buy a few punnets of chicken mince or ostrich mince.
  2. I buy the largest pack of eggs that I kind find. I LOVE egg whites & believe it or not, liquid egg whites cost more than normal eggs (minus the yolk)
  3. I buy my veggies in advance. I typically buy salad ingredients as I need them as they don’t last as long. At the moment my veggies are pretty standard: Baby spinach, baby marrows, pumpkin, sweet potato, and mushrooms. I tend to get bloated easily so I am avoiding things like cauliflower & broccoli.
  4. I will always check to make sure that I have the necessary carb sources (rice, pasta, oats, cream of rice) so that I’m sorted for the week ahead- I normally only need to buy these ingredients every other week.
  5. I always make sure that I’ve stocked up on my essentials- namely being my protein powder, superfoods, stevia powder, sugar free syrups, nutritional yeast, vegetable stock, sugar free jelly and low calorie sauces. Obviously this is all based on personal preference and are my current faves

I literally buy the same thing every week. I read a recent study that suggested that when there are fewer choices of food, people actually eat less…They actually gave 2 test groups yoghurt. 1 test group had the same flavour and the other had different flavours. The group that had the same flavour of yoghurt actually ate less yogurt than the test group with various flavours as they wanted to try some of each- I think this is why I hate going to buffets hahaha.

Anyway…once I’m stocked up, I’ll set aside some time on Sunday to prep…

I make all my protein (except my egg whites and shakes) in advance…

  • The chicken and ostrich mince gets dry fried in some tomato and a few of our favourite spices. Or I’ll mix some spices into the mince and spray a muffin tray with some cooking spray and bake for 15 to 20 minutes, making chicken or ostrich cups…These are so quick and easy to make and you can chop some peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms etc, to really add some flavour. I also love adding some nutritional yeast to the top of my chicken mince cup to help it get all yummy and crispy!


  • I bake the chicken breasts: Line a baking tray with some foil, place your chicken breasts in the tray, cover with some lemon juice and some curry spice and then cover with another layer of foil. Bake in a preheated oven (at 180’) for 20 to 25 minutes.
  • I line a tray with foil and I bake the hake at the same time as my chicken. I also just squeeze some lemon juice over the hake and add some spices then bake. Yummy!!!

I then prep my pumpkin and sweet potato…I LOVE chopping both into cubes and then sprinkling some stevia and cinnamon over them and air frying for 15 minutes. I cook the other veggies on the day as they don’t taste all that great defrosted.

  • I then cook some basmati rice.
  • Lastly, I will steam and then purée some pumpkin (I normally just buy a bag of chopped pumpkin and steam it in the microwave for 9 minutes)

I then weigh out what I need to into individual Tupperwares- Sheldon eats differently to me so he has his Tupperwares and I have mine.

I’ll keep enough lunches in the fridge until Wednesday and I’ll freeze the rest.

Then on Wednesday I’ll take them out to defrost.

Sheldon eats mince for lunch and I have hake or tuna. I keep the chicken breasts in the fridge for dinners…on Wednesday I’ll make some more chicken breasts…

How simple?!

I LOVE baby marrow but they don’t taste great defrosted. I feel the same with spinach, mushrooms, and and and…Pumpkin, green beans and sweet potato are really the only veggies I’ll freeze.
I keep the pumpkin puree for waffles during the week. I’ll also bake a little something and portion them out and keep them in the freezer, ready to defrost or pop into the microwave.
I love having something low calorie that I can grab when I’m in a rush and then something relatively high in carb that will make an amazing preworkout snack…
I know there are tons of stuff you can buy, but these treats are fun to make and are always blender recipes…so no mess and the failure rate is pretty much minimal.
What are your meal prep tips? How do you stay on track? I would love to hear from you all xxx
PS: Sorry for the real and ‘raw’ pics BUT that’s what I am all about…Keeping things relatable and real xxx



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