“Supplementation station”

This year has become the year that I take care of ALL aspects of my health and not just the physical aspects like going to the gym or training. Being around kids for a large part of my day, every single day, has always resulted in me getting flu at least once a term. This eventually results in me eventually having to go see the doctor who will then put me on a series of antibiotics…it’s almost textbook with me really. These antibiotics then wreck absolute havoc with my gut and the forced rest plays games with my mind…it’s a horrible cycle!!! So this year I decided that enough was enough and I would do everything within my power to make that cycle STOP!

This is where supplements have come into play. Now we all know that I use protein powder (both whey and casein/slow release protein)…it’s in almost every one of my recipes…so I’m not going to talk too much about that. What I do want you to bare in mind before I carry on is this…Supplements are designed to SUPPLEMENT your current diet…Are they essential? No. Do you have to take them? Of course not. Am I taking them? Yes. Would I recommend my supplement stack? (feel like such a bodybuilder using that term hahaha) Definitely…I am constantly on the go. I struggle to get the right about of micros and vitamins and nutrients in to boost my immune system whenever I need it…I also have anxiety and when I am going through a particularly rough patch, my immune system feels the effects and that’s when I generally get sick…

This made me chuckle so I had to share it…

So…as I said, I wanted this year to be different and I am proud to say that I got through term 1 and I didn’t get sick (touch wood). This is the first time that I have religiously taken my vitamins and I’ve religiously woken up and had my morning elixir…Do I think this is what did the trick? I don’t know, but I think it helped and I’m going to continue for as long as I can! I will write a whole blog about my morning routine but I will include what I take every morning as part of my supplements (This is my blog so I can, hahaha)

To make things easier for me, I have a vitamin pack from NPL. This is literally everything you will need in 1 bag. I used to buy Animal Pak’s vitamin packs but I was spending nearly R2000 a month for Sheldon and myself, that I just couldn’t afford it…These packs are inexpensive and literally contain everything from a mulitvitamin to fish oils!!! You can buy NPL products all over, but I either order online or I get mine from Dischem.

Something I haven’t spoken too much about is the fact that I have had to overcome huge hormonal imbalances…I’ve lost my period more times than I can count and getting a natural period every month is something that is VERY important to me…especially since I’m 30 and would hate to not be able to have children one day because I overtrained or I underate. I was given these tablets called Slinatrol to try and I’ve been taking them for nearly 2 months. To be honest, I was pretty sceptical about them when I was given them but I have noticed a massive difference in my hormones…my period is starting to work like clockwork and the hanger and sugar crashes that I used to experience if I didn’t eat straight after training, is a thing of the past. I am also sleeping a lot better and I feel like my mood has improved too. I will definitely be continuing with these as I learn more and more about my body and reap more of the benefits. If you are interested then check out @dermatone_sa on Instagram.

I have started supplementing with magnesium before I go to sleep. I often take a slow mag effervescent with a scoop of GABA and my quality of sleep has improved 10 fold. My rate of recovery has also improved and because I’m not constantly tired, I’m not dependent on my white Monsters like I used to be. (Please don’t judge me!!!) I get my Slow mag from Dischem or Clicks (They are normally on special at those places) and like I said earlier, I buy all my NPL goodies online or from Dischem.

The next thing I plan on incorporating into my lifestyle is CBD oil. I hope that this will help with my anxiety. Have any of you given it a try and what are your thoughts and experiences with it? I hope this has helped in some way…As always, send me a message or comment below if you have any questions.

Much love and peanut butter


PS…I thought I would include this infographic…Use it, don’t use it…its up to you x



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