“Women’s Wellness event (14 September)”

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be a part of an amazing team of ladies, Candice and Helen, in chatting to a group of wonderful women at one of the Wonderful Women events that the lovely Candice hosts. This particular event was organized to help raise funds for an amazing pilates studio (La Marque) that is in the Umhlanga area. The owner of the studio has been recovering from a brain tumor and has been out of action since March! Can you imagine how this must feel? Please keep her in your prayers!

Candice spoke about pelvic health and topics we don’t really chat too loudly about…if you know what I mean…

Things from going to the bathroom to what a true kegal exercise is to what happens behind closed doors, wink wink 😉

We have been raised in a society where some topics are considered taboo- especially for women…which really shouldn’t be the case…I mean guys can talk about their bathroom habits or what happened in the bedroom and women are often frowned upon when we delve into such topics, right?!

Well, If you are fortunate enough to either go and see Candice or go to one of her events then YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!! Otherwise give her a follow on Instagram.


Helen is a life coach and boy, oh boy, is this woman amazing!!! I have always looked up to her and even more so now, after listening to her talk. The topic she dealt with was our thinking and how our thinking can impact our lives- either negatively or positively.

I know we are often told to look at the bright side, or to start looking at the glass half full…that’s often easier said than done. As someone who suffers with anxiety, as well as depression, I know first hand how strong my own thoughts can be.

Often I’ll miss my alarm or burn my breakfast or go for a run and sprain my ankle, and that entire day will literally be a right off. Every single thought that comes into my head is then destined to be negative…

The drive to work will be full of bad drivers, work will be one drama after the next, my training session will be well below average, I’ll hate every item of clothing in my cupboard, I’ll scrutinize my body whenever I walk past a mirror, I’ll snap at Sheldon, and, and, and. Why?? Because I allowed negativity to take over.

After burning my breakfast, I could have taken a step back, reminded myself how lucky I was to have breakfast, make something else, with a grateful and happy heart. I then wouldn’t have viewed the day with black tinted glasses…As I said earlier…this is of course always easier said than done. Helen reminded us of this and I’ll be honest, it was a God send. I really needed to hear what she had to say.

One thing that she did say (and that really resonated with me) was: If someone told you that you had 12 months to live, what would you do with your life?

Seriously…take a second to ask yourself this…then ask yourself…

Why aren’t you doing it???

This is where Helen can help, and if you are in Durbs you can see her personally, or you can also follow her on Instagram.


Lastly….I chatted briefly about healthy eating and just what it means to me. I spoke about who I am and how I started Pull ups and Peanut butter. That whole story can be found in a previous blog post so I am pretty sure that I don’t need to retell that story.

As always though, I hope that I can show you and others that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and that, as I’ve always said, you really can have your cake and eat it.
I also did a little cooking demo and showed everyone how to make a recipe that I was meant to include in my recipe book. The recipe can be found under baked treats.

This is another blender recipe so it’s quick, easy and pretty much foolproof. The recipe I made was my Chocolate Caramel Layered brownies. These brownies are gluten free, unrefined sugar free and dairy free…

I am going to be quite honest here, for those that know me, they would know that I am super shy and am somewhat of an introvert. I enjoy time on my own and the thought of standing in front of a room full of people is normally something that would give me nightmares! I’m not saying I was 100 % confident, but I was super comfortable up there chatting away, and I think what I realized is that if you are chatting to people (or doing a demonstration) about something that you are passionate about, the last thing it has to be is daunting or scary.

I feel like I may have found my calling- This is where I am able to merge my 2 loves: Baking and teaching…So, watch this space 😉



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