“Fitness Shmitness…What does it mean to you?”

Fitness…Shmitmess…What does it mean to you?

I just love the above quote…and Elle Woods had a point didn’t she?

This caused the hamster wheel inside my head to start turning…What do the words ‘fitness’ or ‘training’ mean to you?

I used to be under the impression that I had to train a certain way in order to see results. I actually struggled to understand how others weren’t training the way that I was told to. I have sent an email out and written a blog post about weight training before, and I still feel very strongly about it and its benefits (especially for woman). It really did change my life, BUT my eyes have recently been opened to a whole other world of training:
Cardio based training (or cardi-noooo as I used to call it)

During the recent July school holidays, I managed to find my love for fitness and exercise again. I think its great to have goals and something to work towards, BUT I feel that you should also be able to exercise when a deadline hasn’t been set.

During the holidays I stuck to my weight training programme at the gym, but I also started running again, I started doing functional training and HIIT classes, and I started going to yoga every other day too. I am far from amazing at any of those things, BUT I love the time spent doing these exercises. It has become ‘My special time’. This made me realize something- In order for exercise to actually be beneficial, it needs to be sustainable, and it needs to be done long term.

A few months ago, I hated going to the gym. I literally watched the clock the entire time that I was there. I didn’t put my heart into the training that I was doing, and I actually viewed training as a chore, or something to get through.

Training or exercise is a time that should be celebrated! Let’s be honest here, most of you work, have kids or furbabies, husbands or boyfriends or girlfriends, and families that demand attention. Exercise is something that should be done everyday, because…health, BUT it is also a time that should be spent doing something that you want to do, a.k.a something that you love!

There are soooo many different types of exercise classes, or fitness activities out there, that one really cannot be better than the other.

What I have realized is…

If doing Zumba helps to release endorphins and gets your bum into the gym, that’s amazing!!! Keep it up! If you hate doing cardio and spending an hour doing deadlifts is something that gives you thrills, then that’s incredible!! I hope you get stronger with every rep. If running, however, is what keeps you sane, then enjoy the roads (and stay safe hahaha). If focusing on your breathing and doing an hour of yoga every other day, helps you to human better…then enjoy that time spent on your mat (namaste)…

Basically what I am trying to say is this: Athletes, trainers and even social media seems to have made it seem like one exercise or form of training is better than the other. It’s not. How you chose to move your body is up to you!

Should you move your body? Hell yes…Why? Well- Cardiovascular health obviously, to develop strength, build lean muscle and, and, and. Does this mean that you HAVE TO train, or you HAVE TO run or you HAVE TO go to the gym? No, of course not- Its obviously preferable but you have to do YOU…Park a little further from the shops, watch your step count, use the stairs instead of the lift, dance while brushing your teeth…just get your body moving…(#NEATUP24/7 for any of you following Diren Kartel on Instagram)

I have been lucky enough to have recently tried out a few of the fitness classes that Durbs has to offer (and I am sure that the rest of the country has similar classes too)…From Rishape (which is now open full time), to Pole Dancing, to Heated Yoga, to Obstacle Course training to joining an indoor netball team to CrossFit to The Grid to Gravity Pilates to Local running or trail running groups, to Boxing, to dancing at a silent disco…the options that are out there are endless…



I’ll leave you with this: Do what makes you happy…Every. Single. Day! The results will follow.

Yours in love (and peanut butter)





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