“Change is inevitable…but scary as hell!”





Something that’s been on my heart to write a bit about is change.

Change is something I avoid. I’m a routine kinda girl. Change means leaving the routine behind and stepping out of my comfort zone.

I’m shy, unless you know me, and I battle with severe anxiety, although it’s something I am constantly striving to overcome…and I feel as if I slowly am. Change brings about the unknown…which in turn brings about anxiety…

Does this resonate with anyone else?


When deciding to finally make a website out of my Facebook page, my first thoughts were ‘Who would care about what you have to say, Jo’ and ‘No one is going to respond or be interested in baking your recipes’. BUT you know what…I forced myself to do it anyway…When it came to actually putting a face behind my recipes or ‘brand’, that’s something I also avoided…which is why I’m not the biggest fan of making stories on Instagram…it’s not because I don’t want to…it’s not because I don’t feel like I should…it’s because the same thoughts of ‘People will laugh at you, Jo’ and ‘No one cares about what you have to say, Jo’ comes to my mind…BUT I’m going to do it anyway…Watch this space 😉

Why??? Because if you live within your comfort zone, as chiche as it sounds, that’s where you will always be…You will never grow. You will never CHANGE…

And I don’t know about you…I want to make a difference, even if it’s just in 1 persons life. So if 10 people are laughing at me but I’ve managed to make a difference to 1 person, that’s enough!

The reason I’m probably writing all of this to all of you is probably because I want to somewhat hold myself accountable, and stop chickening out, running back to what I know and feel safe with…but also because I’m sure I’m not the only one living this life- scared of taking the next step…and hell, if I can try then so can you.

I have spent the past few months making huge changes- from who I invest my time and energy in, to my training, to my diet…it’s been scary but it’s been worth it. I’ve learnt more about myself in the past few months than I have in years. When realizing I had to make some changes, once again, my first thoughts were ‘You are going to fail if you do anything differently, Jo’ but you know what, I’ve stumbled, I’ve gotten up and I’ve carried on AND so can you!! You are one decision away from a completely different life!

Quite a scary thought, hey?! DONT be the one thing that is holding yourself back!!!



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